Tuesday 2 June 2015

Fitness Websites Reviews

Fitness Websites Reviews
We all reach that stage when it’s hard to keep weight off, or when we aren’t quite as pert as we once were. Suddenly, we begin to notice that our favorite clothes don’t fit quite as well as they used to, or the household food bill has crept up. 

Whether you want to lose a little weight, improve your muscle tone and body image, or simple want to feel fitter, Fitness Websites have plenty of tools and tips to keep you motivated. 
Why might you want to use an exercise website? A major reason some people choose to use them is to lose weight. It’s well known that exercise burns off fat, and plenty of members take advantage of the fat-burning workouts that are available on these sites. 

There are often tools to help you track your progress (in terms of weight loss and body size) and you can even receive support from a professional trainer or from a group of people in a similar position to yourself. 

Consequently, workout websites also act as great motivational and community tools, helping you to find friends who understand what you’re going through. Some websites will also offer diet tips to help you shed a few pounds, including tasty, healthy and affordable recipes.

Other people use fitness websites to improve their general health and their body image. For some people, they want to find exercises which will build muscle. For others, it’s about working on your internal organs to make sure they’re fit and healthy. 

Workout websites allow you to select the kinds of exercises you wish to carry out, often allowing you to build and track exercise schedules. You can even view videos of techniques, or follow written guides with diagrams. 

There are mobile apps available from some of the sites we’ve reviewed, which provide tools to track and monitor your activities and foods. So, whatever you’re hoping to achieve, there’s help available.

Our number 1 review position went to Jillian Michaels, a tailored system which responds to your particular lifestyle and body. One size does not fit all, and this site understands that everyone is different, and that life can interfere with a workout schedule sometimes. It also focuses on the emotional needs of its members, providing support and motivation whenever necessary. 

Our number 2 spot was taken by Daily Burn, with a selection of fun free apps to keep you going. They combine dietary and fitness features to provide an all-round package.

Closely following, in number 3 position, was Fitocracy, a website which offers professionally designed plans, a range of useful self-monitoring tools, plus the option to hire a real life coach to help you out. 

Modern work and life can make it difficult to maintain a healthy body we feel comfortable in. Our jobs have become more stationary, less physical, and subsequently our physical fitness has moved to the home and gym. 

Workout websites offer affordable options with professional, accessible advice for anyone who wants it. A wealth of useful information is available at your fingertips, without having to pay the world to join a gym and hire a private trainer. 

So, whether you want to fit into those old jeans, improve your body image or train for that charity run, there’s plenty to choose from.

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