Saturday 17 December 2011

Web Hosting Reviews

Web Hosting Reviews
These days, getting a ‘web-presence’ is one of the most important first steps in starting a new business. A great website not only helps to drive sales, but also boosts a business’ reputation and creates a springboard for future development. Getting your business online hasn’t been easier than it is nowadays, but one thing remains necessary – signing up to a quality hosting service that will ensure your website runs smoothly 24/7 and will offer you the storage space, the appropriate level of bandwidth and the support you need. This is where our Web Hosting Reviews come in – offering great advice and expert reviews into the best web hosting services available today!

While businesses of every size and shape use our reviews as a starting point when purchasing new products and services, all of our reviews in this category are written in simple, straightforward English – perfect for internet experts and novices alike. This means whether your business is growing rapidly and already has in-house webmaster support, or you’re just starting out and have no idea how web hosting works (or even why you need it), our expert reviews and buying guide will point you in the right direction. What’s more, our reviews cover web hosting companies offering shared hosting, virtual private servers, dedicated servers, cloud hosting, reseller hosting and a combinations of these services, meaning we’re sure you can find a service appropriate for your website. Finally, because many of the words and phrases used in this category are complex and technical, we’ve included a handy glossary to help you get to grips with it all, too!

Web Hosting is one of the largest categories reviewed on, making it difficult to choose which services deserved a place in our top ten. As always, all services are judged against the same criteria (in this case, performance, storage, features, bandwidth, ease of use and value for money), making it straightforward to find the Web Hosting Service that’s right for your site. The No.1 Choice Award in this category goes to InMotion Hosting for ticking almost every box on our list and providing users with a fantastic set of features at a great price. It was a close call though, and we were also impressed by the service offered by a number of other services such as HostMonster, BlueHost and HostGator – all of which picked up spots in our top ten in this category!

Whether you’re looking for a hosting service for the very first time, or you’re looking to find a service that offers you more than your current provider, our Web Hosting Reviews gives you all the information you need to make an informed choice. Check out our extensive expert reviews, including our top-ten choices, to find great web hosting today!

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