Saturday 17 December 2011

Speed Dating Websites Reviews

Speed Dating Websites
Speed Dating is one of the most well-known and recognisable alternative dating methods and one that we’re sure most of our readers will already be familiar with. Our Speed Dating Website Reviews gives our readers a detailed and in-depth look at some of the most popular and well-used online speed dating sites, helping them to make an informed choice as to the right site for them. With eleven active sites reviewed in total, we’re sure that there’s something for everyone within this category and suggest that anyone who’s interested in looking for love online reads on to find out more about this exciting dating niche!

Broadly speaking, Speed Dating Websites fall into two categories. Firstly, some sites simply introduce members to, or help to organise, traditional one-on-one speed dating events in major cities around in the sites’ respective target countries. Other sites offer more advanced services; using a number of digital features to bring users together within the site using webcams, chat rooms and audiochat features. Both styles of site give users access to the same major benefits of speed dating, that is that daters can enjoy short dates with many potential matches in a short time, giving them a great chance of finding someone perfect for them.

As with all our reviews, our Speed Dating Website Reviews aim to give our readers an honest and in-depth picture of the workings, pros and cons of all of the major sites within this market. As such, we compare all sites against the same objective criteria, considering the availability of members, the speed dating specific features on offer, the level of community interaction, the chances of getting a date and, of course, the cost of membership when reviewing each one. Top of the pile in this category is, one of the largest and most successful online speed dating websites currently online. Scoring top in every category, SpeedDate offers users the best in choice, value and features and is a great place to start your online speed dating journey. This category doesn’t end there, however, with other big names including, Fast Cupid, Hurry Date and the curiously named Slow Dating also taking up spots in our top ten.

If you’re tired of using the “same old” dating sites and getting nowhere, Online Speed Dating Services such as those included in this category could well be perfect for you. With a range of features and a vast number of potential partners, there really isn’t a better place to look for ‘the one’. Check out our in-depth reviews and buying guide for the full details of exactly what to look out for when choosing a Speed Dating Website!

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