Wednesday 21 December 2011

UK Bingo Website Reviews

UK Online Bingo Websites
Bingo has long been a national obsession for a great many people, and these days, a vast number of players are turning to the internet to play their favourite game. With a wide variety of games on offer, as well as an unprecedented number of bonuses and ongoing promotions for all members (new and existing), more and more players are getting excited by Bingo Online. That’s where our UK Bingo Site Reviews come in – helping our readers to find sites that offer the games and bonuses they are looking for, or simply directing them towards sites that are friendly and community focussed, if that is what they are looking for most.

With so many new sites springing up in this market all the time, it can be difficult to know which site offers the best deal. Our reviews offer an objective assessment of the benefits and drawbacks of every major site in this category – gone are the days where users will simply have to resort to joining the site they have heard the most about! Our reviews consider in particular the range of games on offer at a particular site, how easy users find to sign up to individual games (through the service’s scheduling functions), the number of free or complementary games offered, the size of prizes on offer at the site, the number of promotions and bonuses on offer and finally, the level of community interaction we encountered.

As with all No.1 Reviews categories, our reviews in this category are written by expert reviewers who have in-depth knowledge of the market, meaning they have the knowledge and expertise necessary to evaluate each site on its individual merits. We judge each site objectively, based on the same criteria, meaning all of our reviews are balanced and give our readers a real insight into whether a particular site would be right for them. Top of the list in this category is Bet365 Bingo, the UK Online Bingo service from the gaming and betting goliath Bet365. New members who deposit just £5 or more at the site receive an additional £25 completely free of charge (by way of a bonus payment), making this a great place to start if you’re new to online bingo. Other major brands also score highly, including William Hill Bingo, Metro Bingo and Ladbrokes Bingo (as well as many, many more), meaning there’s lots of choice and loads of sites to consider when deciding where you deposit your first few pounds.

If you’re into bingo but have never tried online bingo, our reviews are a great place to start. Follow the links to find all of the information you’ll ever need regarding online bingo and start playing today – enjoy!

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