Friday 13 November 2015

Wedding Websites Reviews

Wedding Websites Reviews
Are those wedding bells we hear, or just a bout of tinnitus? No, we can see from the (somewhat nervous) smile on your face, you’re about to get married. Hearty congratulations! It’s bound to be a magical day, full of romance , friendship and fun. We assume you’ve got the table plans ready? How about the menus? What about your vegan cousin, and Aunt J, who won’t eat anything other than roast beef? And then there’s the flowers, the gift list, the photos... If only there were some way of organizing everything for a wedding day, which was controlled by you but allowed your guests and service-providers to have their say. Whether you just need to compile the RSVP’s or you have to plan the whole shebang, Wedding Websites are your secret ally.

What’s a wedding website? Well, when it comes to planning your wedding, things have changed a bit. Wedding websites perform a few key functions, but their main role is to help you organize your wedding and reduce the stress levels so you can really enjoy your big day.

One of the most useful things an online wedding planner can do is to provide functional tools. For example, you can send out invitations and then the system lets you know who will be coming. Using those lists, you can then send out gift suggestions, which people can tick off as they purchase presents. You can send out your menu and have people make their food choices in advance, or even plan out the table arrangements, order the flowers and more.

Another key use for wedding websites is to help you spread your good news, share thoughts, photos and more. This is a great way of making sure distant relatives and friends don’t feel excluded if they can’t make it along, because they can see videos and photos online. Guests can upload their content, or you can choose which snaps to make available, building a great image of the happy day. You can get really creative with your website, making it unique and special to you.

Our number one wedding planning website is WedSimple. This site has pretty much all the features you could hope for, helping you to plan your wedding and share memories from the event. They also offer round the clock support, budget calculators, music options and more, to make sure everything runs smoothly and to reflect your personalities.

In a close second place, Wedding Window goes to town on website building features, helping you to build a high quality wedding website which you can enjoy for years to come.

Coming in third, Wedding Wire connects soon-to-be newlyweds to industries and professionals around the USA, bringing wedding options to your fingertips with ease.

If you want to share your wedding day with friends and family, or just need some help organizing the myriad items on your wedding to-do list, wedding planning websites might just be your knight in shining armor. Now where did we put those wedding bells...?

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