Friday 13 November 2015

Genealogy Websites Reviews

Genealogy Websites Reviews
Have you ever thought about where you came from? History is littered with interesting stories of triumph, hardship, love and connection, and all of that blended together in a very particular way, generation after generation, to make you. It’s quite the story, stretching back into the centuries, and it would be a shame to miss out on hearing it. Genealogy websites allow you to research your family history, finding out about your ancestors, their lives and what they went through in order to pass on their genes to the next generation. You’re a product of hundreds or even thousands of years of stories, just waiting to be found.

Genealogy sites (also known as family tree websites) provide a range of tools to help you find and organize information about your lineage. Whether you wish to build a recent family tree with photos and newspaper clippings, or dive back deeper into the depths of history, they have the expertise and features to help. For example, you can search millions of home records, finding out about the people who lived in a particular building. Or, you could try to find out about the medals your grandfather won in the war, maybe even locating diary entries or voice recordings from his comrades in arms. This can all be brought together in a single space, linked to other family members or events in a way which will bring their stories to life.

Family history websites can be used by anybody. Whilst some are a little more complex than others, they’re often designed with amateurs in mind. This means that you don’t need to be a computer genius or have a PhD in history to find what you’re looking for. These sites can be intuitive, learning about what you need as you explore the fields of family history, making suggestions on where to look next. You can also find help from other members, potentially getting in contact with distant relatives whose lives went in another direction to your own. was our top pick for this category. It has excellent search features, really helping you to find who, or what, you are looking for. You can also collaborate on projects, sharing your research and workload with other members or family members to build a complete picture of a person’s life. Training tools are also available, turning you from a complete novice into a family legacy Sherlock Holmes.

Meanwhile, provides very similar services but for a UK market. If you have a family history in the UK, this is the place to find out about it.

In third place, we have, a specialist site for seeking Australian family archives. There are plenty more to choose from too, if you’re looking for a particular group or location.

Genealogy research websites open so many doors. Whether you’re an avid researcher or just looking for a bit of information about a bygone era, you can now find huge waves of information online at an affordable price. Who knows, you may find out more than you first hoped for...

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