Tuesday 21 February 2012

UK Greeting Card Websites Reviews

UK Online Greeting Cards
There’s little better than receiving a greetings card from a loved one on a special occasion (or indeed, at any time!). Our UK Greeting Card Websites Reviews give our readers the low down on exactly what to look out for when choosing which of the many online greetings card delivery services they would like to use. Online greetings card services are fantastic tools to have at your disposal – especially when you’re pressed for time or have forgotten a loved one’s birthday. What’s more, with a variety that you won’t find anywhere else (even in the largest high street shops) and the option to choose to send a great e-card instead of a traditional paper card through the post, these services are becoming more and more popular every day!

Easily the most important and exciting additional feature that Greetings Card Websites offer that traditional greetings cards do not is that users can opt to customize their chosen card to make it even more appropriate for the person receiving it. These customizations come in many forms – by adding the recipient’s name to the front of the card; writing a joke about them; adding photos to the card or creating a totally unique card from scratch using a number of pre-designed templates. Cards can also be customized in more sedate ways, by editing font, colours, styles and of course, by adding a personalized message on the inside of the card. In addition to customization, easily one of the most pleasing aspects of these service is the level of automation involved – users simply add the address of the recipient before paying, and the card is automatically printed and posted to the recipient without the buyer ever having to worry about posting it! Brilliant!

A clear winner in this category is, unsurprisingly, Moonpig.com. As the most well-known service in this category by far, and one of the first sites to offer customizable greetings cards online, Moonpig.com remains one of the services that genuinely does it best. With a fantastic range of cards and gifts, all at reasonable prices and with a range of customizable elements (that are all a breeze to play with), Moonpig.com is a deserving winner in this category. Other services that rank highly in this category include Funky Pigeon, a relative newcomer to the market, and the high-street market leaders Hallmark.co.uk and Clinton Cards Online – all of which made it into our top ten.

If you’re looking for a fun, easy and convenient alternative to traditional greetings cards, the UK-based online services we have reviewed in this category are a perfect place to start. Follow our links to find out more using our in-depth expert reviews!

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