Tuesday 21 February 2012

UK Flower Delivery Websites Reviews

UK Flower Delivery Services
Flowers make fantastic gifts – they look great, they smell great and they really are a wonderful way to let a loved one know how you really feel. While high-street florists are on the decline, the internet has stepped in to revitalise and reinvent the way we send flowers. Now, there’s no need to leave home or spend ages choosing what sort of bouquet you’re going to send (unless, of course, you want to!). As always, No.1 Reviews has done all the hard work by reviewing and comparing all of the major brands in the UK Flower Delivery Market – along with a few that you may not have heard of – to find the services that offer not only the best blooms, but also the best value for money too.

There are so many advantages to using an online Flower Delivery Service as opposed to a traditional florist. Firstly, the availability and choice is often better, as is customisability, as companies are able to buy more flowers as they serve a national audience. Secondly, customers are almost always going to see a reduction in the cost of bouquets, as these services often don’t have the same overheads associated with high street floristry. Finally, using these services is so straightforward, making finding, buying and delivering the perfect bouquet an absolute breeze. When you’re choosing the site that you’d like to try out, be sure to bear in mind the availability of special offers and promotions too – these are so much more prevalent than at regular florists (where, indeed, they may be non-existent) and make it even easier to pick up a great bouquet at a bargain price.

Our UK Flower Delivery Reviews are all based on the same objective criteria. We take a variety of factors into account when deciding how a particular service fares in our reviews, including price, quality, availability, special offers and promotions, delivery cost, value for money and the level of customer support available. To make it easier to compare services on a like-for-like basis, we also include the cost of the cheapest mixed bouquet available at every site, along with the cost of a dozen red roses. eFlorist, one of the largest services currently on the market, stormed ahead in every criteria and claimed the top spot in this category. Other industry big-hitters weren’t far behind however, with Interflora, Marks & Spencer Flowers and John Lewis Flowers all taking up positions in the top ten.

If you’re looking to find a UK Flower Delivery Service to help you make your loved ones smile, be sure to check out our in-depth reviews (including detailed features lists and price comparisons) for each of the major services within this market – we’re sure you’ll find a service that is “bloomin’ perfect”!

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