Tuesday 14 December 2010

Fast Track to Fat Loss Review

Fast Track to Fat Loss
Following the demise of our previous No. 1 rated fitness website, Global Health and Fitness, we have now reviewed its successor Fast Track to Fat Loss and given that our No. 1 Choice Award in our Fitness Websites category at No1Reviews.com.

Fast Track to Fat Loss is run by Chad Tackett, a certified personal trainer and weight management specialist and former president of Global Health and Fitness; and Kim Lyons, a personal trainer for NBC's hugely successful reality TV show, The Biggest Loser, who has appeared on the covers of numerous health and fitness magazines.

Fast Track to Fat Loss offers its members free, regularly updated workout videos, free live weekly chats with the team at Fast Track to Fat Loss, recipe makeovers as well as daily challenges to inspire and motivate you. Gold members to Fast Track to Fat Loss can expect to receive a tailor-made workout plan (based on your personal goals, body type, current fitness level, daily work schedule, access to a gym, etc.) and a personalized nutrition plan that suits your dietry preferences and complements your workout plan. You will also be able to set-up your own online personal workout and fitness calendar, which you can log-in to at any time to make updates and track your progress. The team will also give you regular weight checks and fitness assessments to make sure you're attaining the goals you've set yourself.

If you're serious about losing weight and getting fit, then we can suggest no better way than to sign-up to Fast Track to Fat Loss today and let Chad and Kim guide you on the road to a fitter, leaner, healthier body. In the words of a famous sportswear brand - "Just Do It!".

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