Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Alt.com Review - Alt.com is Still King!

We've recently revamped and re-reviewed all our BDSM / Bondage Dating Sites at No1Reviews.com, and although we've added a few new sites to our list, we're pleased to announce that Alt.com is still our No. 1 Choice in this category.

Alt.com remains by far the largest of the web's BDSM Dating Sites with the largest members' database and many advanced features, including chatrooms, fetish groups (organised by fetish and geographic region), live video chat, instant messaging, recorded member videos, live member webcams, and of course built-in email.

New sites in this category include CollarMe.com and Bondage Dating, amongst others, with a number of discontinued sites also being removed from the category. CollarMe.com is worth a special mention as a very popular BDSM dating site, and the only one that really comes anywhere close to Alt.com in terms of popularity. However, for those of you looking for something a bit more twisted than your average adult dating site, Alt.com remains king!

Check out our full Alt.com Review at No1Reviews, and follow our links to sign-up for free!

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