Monday 29 September 2008

UK Video Game Rental Reviews

In order to complement our reviews of US-based Video Game Rental Sites we have now launched our reviews of UK Video Game Rental Sites. Allowing you to hire up to several games at a time, video game rental sites are becoming increasingly popular with gamers all over the UK. The way in which these sites work is similar, and identical in many respects, to the way online UK DVD rental sites work. You create an account online, and create a wish list of games you'd like to play, then games are automatically sent out from your account as soon as you send your last batch of games back. Games can be prioritized so that you have some control over which ones are sent out next. Once you've played them, simply pop them back in the pre-paid envelope and pop them in the post, then simply sit back and wait for your next batch to arrive - easy!

We've given LOVEFiLM our No. 1 Choice Award in this category, just as we did in our UK DVD rentals category and for much the same reason. LOVEFiLM has an outstanding number of games and DVD titles to choose from, has fast turnaround times, a great set of features, is really easy to use and is also great value for money! What more can we say? Interested in game rentals? Check out our UK game rental reviews!

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