Wednesday 27 May 2015

Speed Dating Websites Reviews

Speed Dating Websites
Wake up. Gobble breakfast. Dash to work. Busy day. Dash home. Gobble dinner. Bed... Let’s face it, many of us are so busy that we just don’t have the time or energy to go out on long dates with people we barely know, on the off chance we’ll like them enough to consider a relationship with them. Going on regular dates, meeting one person at a time, is a slow (and potentially expensive) process.

Wouldn’t it be easier if we could cut out all the people we probably won’t get along with, and just chat to those few who stand a decent chance?

Speed Dating Websites allow you to bypass the slow dating process, providing opportunities to quickly chat online or arrange to meet up with an array of people at a live event in your area.

So, what kinds of people are Speed Date sites designed for? Anyone who wants to meet new single people, chat, and see where it takes them. They’re ideal for people who don’t have a lot of time, as you can talk to several people in one night, then decide if you’d like to see them again or not.

Many of these sites offer discounts to live events, such as speed sessions (where you have just a few minutes to talk to someone, then move on) or parties (on boats, in bars and more), allowing you to then share your thoughts on a person and reconnect with them online. It’s all about convenience and choice, so if you’re sick of bad dates, these quick dates websites could be for you.

Our number one choice, FastLife, offered a great variety of events, plus enough options to be a bit picky about the sort of people you might meet, to provide a special dating service. The events vary, from meeting up in the local pubs to boat-top nights out, black tie meals and more.

Alternatively, sets you up on super fast 3-5 minute dates (depending on how well the date’s going) online, where you can chat to plenty of people from the comfort of your own home. If you don’t like a person? No problem, just go on the to the next date. If you’re interested in them? Extend the date or decide to send a message later on.

In third position, we chose Speed Dater, which combines online dating with live events to provide a comprehensive and personal dating experience. You can chat to members before you go to an event, giving you something to talk about once you meet in person. If you decide you like each other, you can chat again after the event, then meet up for something more intimate.

If you’ve struggled to find enough time to meet Mister or Miss Right in the past, fast dating websites are a low-pressure means of meeting a lot of single people in a short time. There’s also no pressure to pick anyone, and you can often take friends along to live events, making for a fun evening out and an opportunity to make new friends or romantic acquaintances.

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