Friday 12 March 2010

Asian Dating Website Reviews

Asia Friend Finder Review
Our No. 1 Choice award went to Asia Friend Finder in our recent reviews of the best Asian Dating websites out there. With a massive database of enthusiastic members,  extensive range of user-friendly features, excellent value for money, and admirable customer support, Asia Friend Finder is streets ahead of its nearest rivals. For example, (a popular free site which ranks highly in our top 10 list) does not offer any winks, chat, video, games or funky interactive features. These kinds of things can make getting to know your favorite Asian ladies both fun and fruitful.

A small number of the websites in this Asian Dating category (e.g. cater for Western men who want to find sweep a foreign bride off her feet and take her home with them to a better standard of life. This facet could be compared to a "Mail Order Bride" service. If that niche category appeals to you, when we suggest that you check out our reviews of the best mail order / foreign bride websites around before deciding which Asian Dating site would be best for you. 

As of September 30th 2009, there were over 730 million people using the internet in Asia. This represented 42% of internet users worldwide. (Source: Online dating is becoming extremely popular among 18-30 year olds in Asia - especially in countries like India. There has long been a tradition of match-making in many Asian countries, but online dating sites have taken that approach to a whole new level. Not only do online dating sites massively increase the number of potential partners for you to get to know, they can also cut across geographical, social, economic and religious borders (that is, if you wish to bridge these barriers of course). So whether you are an Asian based in Asia, or a non-Asian based in America, Europe, or elsewhere, you are now extremely likely to find someone special on one of these popular Asian Dating websites. Some sites also make it easy for divorcees to find new love online (circumventing social barriers in the off-line world which can make it almost impossible for divorcees to start over with someone else). Never before have so many people had so much potential (for finding a partner), available to them at their fingertips, quite literally.

As you might imagine, the category of online dating does not have clear boundaries: there is often a degree of overlap between mainstream online dating and more specialized dating (e.g. by country, region, religion, sexual orientation, fetishes, body-type, etc). So you might find it useful to look at our top 10 lists in a couple of categories that are likely to be closely associated. (In this case, Asian Dating, Interracial Dating, and Mail Order Bride Sites). You can find a full list of our specialized online dating categories on the homepage of We wish you well in your online dating endeavors!

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