Thursday 4 February 2010

Video Editing Software Reviews

Video editing is no longer the domain of professional videographers. You too can create jaw-dropping movies, with the advent of powerful video editing software that is both affordable and user-friendly.

So if you would like to wow your family and friends with professional-looking movies of special occasions like weddings, new-born babies and college graduations, or perhaps just have some fun putting together humorous movies of your playful pets, check out our reviews of the best video editing software on the market.

We realise that if you're a technical whizz you may be more interested in the special effects included in the video editing software and less interested in its ease of use. Or you may want something with high-end performance, that's right at the cutting edge of video editing technology, supporting blu-ray format. So our video editing software reviews compare the most popular products on criteria such as:
  • Quality And Quantity of Included Effects
  • Performance
  • Ease of Use
  • Value for Money

As you'll see from our reviews, we believe that all good video editing software should provide users with an intuitive interface where they can easily split and combine various sections of video footage, add a variety of special effects and scene transitions, lay down a soundtrack to complement the visuals, insert photographs, and facilitate the creation of menu/chapter systems for quick access to the item of your choice. 

Our No1 Choice Award in our video editing software category went to Magix Movie Edit Pro, an excellent movie editing suite which caters for amateur enthusiasts as well as users who require more professional functionality. It combines an amazing number of features, effects and extra content into one easy to use package which provides you with professional looking results with the minimum of effort.

We were also highly impressed by the Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum Pro Pack, although the DVD/Blu-Ray creation was somewhat challenging, so we thought that it might be more suitable for users with a reasonable degree of technical skills.

Our video editing software reviews show that there are products on the market that suit all levels of ability and all budgets. So if you're interested in doing your own video editing instead of spending a small fortune on a professional videographer, check out our expert reviews of the best video editing software on the internet.

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