Saturday 28 March 2009

Online Storage Reviews Added!

We are pleased to announce that we have just added online storage reviews to As the age of cloud computing draws near, and the internet becomes ever faster, more and more people are choosing to safeguard their data by storing it online. The fact that your data is backed up with an online storage service is a massive reassurance, especially for those with lots of valuable data they wish to secure. Most people these days will back up their data to CD, DVD or even to an external hard drive (which is always a great idea), however what happens if you get robbed? Or if your house burns down? Having your data backed up to an external drive will not help in these cases, unless of course you've kept that your backup hard drive in a completely different location, but how inconvenient is that? Why not join the 21st century back your data up online instead?

Using an online storage service to back your data up online is not only a great way of safeguarding your data against, disk failure, fire, theft, flood, and various acts of god, but it can also enable you to access your data from anywhere in the world. Going traveling? Access your data online using your laptop or from an internet cafe! Working from home on a regular basis? Then keep your files online and access the same files from both your home and your workplace, instead of backing everything up and taking it home, backing it up again and taking it back to work, and so on!

Online storage sites are also great for allowing many people access to the same files. By storing your data online you can give a number of people simulataneous access to that data, allowing many people to view and modify it as you choose according to the permissions you set. Give some permission only to view the most up-to-date files. Give others permissions to modify, add and delete files. With more and more groups of people working online from remote locations, online storage sites offer a single central store of files for people to work from.

Here at we've reviewed 30 of the world's most popular online storage solutions, and can recommend none higher than for its storage capacity, security, feature-set, ease of use, and value for money. Check out our Review for the complete lowdown on this service. Other services that came in a close second and also won our 5-star awards were Mozy and DriveHQ.

Check out our expert reviews of Online Storage Sites for a full and detailed comparison of 30 of the most popular online storage services.

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