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Movie Download Sites - USA

Movie Download Websites - USA
Gas to drive to the movies: $5. Buy popcorn and drinks: $8. Buy two tickets for the movie: $24. Drive home: $5. Cry over how much a single movie just cost you, especially as you didn’t really enjoy it all that much and it would have been fine to watch it on the plasma screen at home: priceless.

Going to the movies seems to be getting more and more expensive. Add up all the various costs and you’ll soon realise that it’s not something you could do every day, perhaps not even every week. But if you’re a movie-lover, what are you to do?

Fear not! Now you can enjoy top movies in the comfort of your own home. No more sticky floors, no more dire advertisements, no more crying children, chatty pedants or stale popcorn. “How?!” we hear you roar like the MGM lion. Well the answer is simple: movie download/streaming websites.
What are movie download websites, exactly? They’re websites where you can access a wide range of top movies, from international blockbusters to independent films. On some of the sites you’ll pay a monthly fee to watch as many movies as you like, whereas others will charge a fee to allow you to watch a movie over a set time period.

You’ll be able to watch films before they’ve hit the stores, all from the comfort of your own home. That’s right, you can pause, go to the bathroom, make a snack, brush your teeth, visit the parents, and get back without having missed a moment.

Our Movie Download Websites (USA) reviews have been written with you in mind. We consider the ins and outs, pros and cons of each website which offer movie download services in the US, so that you can find one which suits your home, movie watching preferences and budget.

These sites are ideal for anyone who enjoys movies. You’ll find a greater range of titles than in your standard DVD store, including international films and lesser-known movies. The great thing is that you can pause and rewind them, listen to commentaries, watch extra scenes and fast forward through bits you don’t like. This really puts you in control.

Our favourite of these sites was Amazon Prime Instant Video, which lets you rent movies on a one-off basis, offering a huge catalog to choose from, and DVD purchase options if you love a movie enough to own it.

Netflix got our number two spot, primarily offering unlimited browser-based viewing but also offering Blu-ray and DVD rental options across the US.

In third place, we’ve nominated Xbox Video USA, which is easy to use and works through your Microsoft console, with thousands of titles to choose from.

Whether you’re sick and tired of noisy cinema screens, bad food, expensive ticket prices or just prefer to cuddle up at home and watch a movie, movie download websites (USA) offer a great service for a reasonable price. You’ll rediscover films you love, and find new ones to adore. Plus, you can make your own popcorn, which can’t be a bad thing!

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