Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Movie Download Site Reviews Added to No1Reviews.com

In the age of Youtube and downloadable and streaming digital content, it was really only a matter of time before we added our reviews of the most popular movie download sites to No1Reviews.com, especially as we already have reviews of the most popular music download sites listed. So today we announce that our movie download site reviews are indeed live on No1Reviews.com.

Each review features an easily digestible features list, pricing information, star ratings and an in-depth editor's analysis, which will be very familiar to any of you who've read any of our other reviews in other categories before.

Top of our movie download websites list is CinemaNow, which has a massive 1400+ movie titles to choose from and was the preferred editor's choice in this category for its choice of movies, value for money, ease of use, movie quality and download speeds. Close runners up were Blockbuster Online Movie Downloads (an extension of Blockbuster's online DVD rental service) and Amazon Video on Demand, a new movie download service from Amazon.com.

With more and more people signing up to broadband internet, and with broadband speeds set to become much faster with the introduction of fibre optic cable technology, you can be sure that movie download speeds will become very fast indeed over the next few years. And as more and more people choose to download their movies online, No1Reviews.com will be sure to stay ahead of the game and will bring you the latest reviews on any existing and emerging movie download sites on the net.

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